Ramico is ready to offer assistance to any customer worldwide by preparing customised blends of tea in creative and attractive packaging at a desired price. We ensure that all our shipments are delivered on time with minimum hassle to the buyer. In addition to this, we can also provide our customers with information on the latest market trends and other relevant information on a regular basis.

Private Labelling Tea Bagging Bulk Exports
Private Label_Large Tea_bags Bulk_Large
Ramico’s range of private labelled teas is custom made, specifically blended, packed and shipped according to client requirements. Our state-of-the-art Flavouring Machine/Drum enables us to create a wide range of tea in a wide range of flavours while our Packaging Machine has the ability to pack in a wide range of package sizes ranging from 100g to 1 kg packs. We at Ramico offer our clients in-house tea bagging capabilities with the ability to produce a large number of units depending on your requirement. Our team members will also assist you in discovering the right blends of tea to suit your market at the right price. Ramico specialises in the exporting of Bulk teas across the globe.  Ramico’s state-of-the-art Mechanical Tea Blending Machine has both the ability and flexibility to blend all grades down to the finest dust grades depending on the varied requirements and specifications of our customers.