Consistently delivering the highest quality, garden fresh Pure Ceylon Teas across the globe, Ramico International provides specialised services to Tea buyers from anywhere in the world. Ramico Teas are exported in Bulk, packets and in Tea Bags to many destinations all around the world under private labels. In addition to being a predominantly black tea exporter in Sri Lanka, Ramico also supplies Green Tea and various types of Herbal Teas which are packed and shipped according to buyer’s specifications. We also provide buyers with various information regarding price trends and keep them advised on various information relevant to the Tea Trade.

The highly experienced team of professionals at Ramico will assist you in creating unique blends to match the required taste and quality at the desired price while ensuring that orders are delivered on time, all the time as per your specifications. And what’s more our in-house creative team will help you design customised packaging/ packs to suit any brand of tea.

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